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Rate My Beit Din Badges

These badges represent training or commitments that a beit din can take to improve its service to the community and clients. We are here to help and are happy to arrange these for you. Contact us today for more information.

Self Improvement Badges


Independent Evaluation  --- This beit din sends a survey to clients asking them to evaluate their experience and suggest improvements. It reads and commits to considering the suggestions.


“What to expect”- This beit din is committed to making the process of receiving a divorce transparent by spelling out the steps of the process as well as the steps of the actual ritual of the Get to clients.


Attention to Detail - This beit din recognizes the sensitive nature of the process and things on hand like tissues, and water to drink. The beit din offered breaks during emotional moments, and was sensitive to details such as asking a woman what last name she prefers they use.


Committed to Transparency - This beit din keeps and shares its number of cases, average length it takes to resolve a case, how many seruvim it orders and more.


Response Time Commitment -- This beit din commits to responding to emails and calls within 72 hours


Support System -- This beit din offers a supportive person of the same gender  to accompany parties through the divorce process (Din Torah, Get giving ritual)


Follow Up- This beit din reaches out after the divorce process is completed to check in on clients’ wellbeing.

Training Badges


Domestic Violence Training - This beit din has received training on domestic violence, how it might present in the beit din, and how to best work with survivors


Gender Bias Training - This beit din has taken time to attend training on the struggles women face as they stand before a beit din. The Dayanim are committed to learning the unique challenges that religious women face in this very male space. We can connect you with a  training provider in your area.


Recognizing Get Abuse - This beit din has received Get refusal training and recognizes that demanding a price or conditions in exchange for a Get is abuse and does not allow this to occur in its court. This includes insisting custody and finances are sorted before giving the Get.


More is More - This beit din thinks creatively and strategically, is proactive in resolving cases and looks for solutions and ideas to free women and men being refused a Get.


Addiction/Gambling Training - This beit din has attended training on the challenges our community faces regarding addiction in all of its forms and how it might present itself at the Beit Din.


Halachic Ways to End Marriage - This beit din has taken a course in understanding various ways Jewish marriage can be ended beyond the giving of the Get when the need is great.


Works with Advocate Organizations - This beit din works with organizations that advocate for people navigating the divorce process. The beit din communicates freely and regularly with these organizations as well as partners with them to solve cases.

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