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Est-ce ce que ce Beit-Din:

a un site Web?

a publié un guide de procédure?

est transparent sur ses coûts?

indique de manière claire comment les contacter?

propose des formulaires d’évaluation?

Combien de temps les gens ont attendu pour recevoir/donner leur Get

Ce que les gens disent...

How much time and excuses i was gong to hear. How long i would spend just waiting and waiting and waiting.

I would not have gone to them had I known they would try to get me to go in unrepresented. I also felt that while they were outwardly polite, they really weren't respectful of women. I did say to the menahel. "There has to be a better way". There were no children and the only asset was the marital residence and my ex was able to engage in delay tactics to withhold a get from me

When I was trying to get out a hasmana there was a point where I was waiting months as they claimed to be backed up. Then I had heard from my to'enes that they were issuing a number of rulings against the wife, and they were trying to pressure me to come in for a mediation without representation, knowing I had a to'enes, and knowing I was alleging an abusive relationship with my now-ex-husband. They knew that despite efforts to negotiate in good faith he was dragging out the process and through that was withholding a get, but other than to pressure me to come in without representation didn't do anything to facilitate the get.

I wish I would of know to never ever sign an arbitration agreement with the bais din. It’s a trap. And they make you sign to arbitrate with them FOREVER!

Unfortunately from my experience I’ve seen the real corruption of a bais din. This isn’t real Halacha and guidance. They will favor the man’s side ALWAYS! They are bias. They take bribes from the men. The toen works together with them. I would not recommend anyone to go to a bais din to settle a divorce. Hire a proper lawyer go to court even without a lawyer. Only go to bais din to get a geht after the civil divorce is filed.

They did not even bothering enforcing the kesuba money that was written in the gett bec they said he will prob not want to give it. They also said all debts and cc debt are null and void and I was left in debt and he walked away with Wtvr he had

They understood the situation perfectly and made it happen swiftly with good and reasonable advice throughout

I was encouraged to give up Ketuba money and shared finances in order to receive my get quickly and maintain full custody of my son and receive child support.

They rushed the case seeing that refusal may become an issue as my ex-husband was mentally unstable. They saw the urgency and took the time to make the preparations as quickly as possible. From the day I wanted to get divorced to when I got my get was 4 days, with all negotiations taken care of and agreed upon.

It’s important for a women to bring a male support as the whole beis din are men and it can be overwhelming to be the only female in the room...

Very quick to arrange Get, felt like the rabbis understood what I lived with and who they were dealing with.

Wish I had more time to review agreement again and At normal hour when I was more awake. Not 100% able to focus anymore when I was there whole night I'll 3 AM.

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