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Get Process

The standard practice for Jewish divorce should look like this:

Step 1.

Choose a Beit Din

Step 2.

Contact the Beit Din to open a file to begin the Get Process

Step 3.

Schedule a Date for the Giving of the Get

The Giving Of The Get

Giving/receiving a Get without an understanding of the ritual can be scary. Here is what the process looks like and what to expect. 


The beit din will contact you to collect some basic information. This includes your Hebrew name and your parents' names. Any nicknames need to be given as well as they are an important detail in the Get (for example “Jonathan" who is also known as "Jon")


The dayanim read out the document


Jewelry is removed from the hands.


Man and woman face one another.


The Get is placed in the woman’s cupped hands. The woman closes her hands around the Get.


The woman might be instructed to take a few steps towards the door to symbolize ownership of the document. 


A sofer (scribe) writes the Get document on a piece of paper and it is signed by eidim (witnesses)


The dayanim confirm that the couple are giving/getting the divorce with free will


A dayan folds the Get and gives it to the man


The dayan says words for the man to repeat to the woman (“behold this is your Get”)


The dayan will instruct the woman to place the Get under her arm or in a pocket to symbolize that she has received it and it is hers.


The Get is often returned to the beit din for safekeeping and a divorce certificate is mailed. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the process is not as smooth. Here are some FAQs about complications

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