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בית דין דאמריקא


New York




212 807 9042


טווח מחירים:

ללא עמלה

* informal beit din

דירוג ממוצע :

(as chosen by reviewers)



ממליץ על בית דין זה

הרגשתי לחוץ להחליף משהו בגט

אמרו לא להביא ייצוג

הרגיש שמתייחסים אליו בכבוד














Does this Beit Din:

have a website?

post a procedure guide?

list all costs?

have clear contact information?

have an evaluation form?

כמה זמן אנשים חיכו לקבל/לתת את הגט שלהם

מה שאנשים אומרים...

I needed to show up to discuss why I wanted my get I didn’t understand why it wasn’t something that a woman has a right to ask without needing to have a court hearing but I guess that’s with every beis din

Once I received my get everything has been dragging out. Very hard to get a hold of them to schedule more time to discuss financial and custody.

The begin with the get no matter what. They will not discuss other details until the get is given. They do their best to move things along with the get process.

I did have a halachik prenup.
The Beth din made the repercussions for get refusal very clear to my ex. I felt extremely supported and respected by the dayanim. The fact that everything is now dragging out is disappointing.

Their goal was to help get my Get

Smooth, respectful

They worked with me to give the Get despite the ex refusing to appear or participate initially.

I was disappointed that the amount in the ketubah has no meaning. I was told that I would be waiving my ketubah.

They were very clear about exactly what was going to happen at every step in the process. We did the logistics through secular mediation, so they BD only adjudicated the get.

They were objective, pleasant, sensitive, helpful.

They were courteous, respectful and efficient

Even after the get, the rabbi told me i would receive the certificate immediately since that is what my ex wanted. Then, he claimed he was coerced and the bet din said they had to conduct an “internal review” to determine the get validity. I had to send my court transcripts and wait one more year from the date my get was given for them to release the certificate.

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