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טווח מחירים:

0 - 800

* informal beit din

דירוג ממוצע :

(as chosen by reviewers)



ממליץ על בית דין זה

הרגשתי לחוץ להחליף משהו בגט

אמרו לא להביא ייצוג

הרגיש שמתייחסים אליו בכבוד














Does this Beit Din:

have a website?

post a procedure guide?

list all costs?

have clear contact information?

have an evaluation form?

כמה זמן אנשים חיכו לקבל/לתת את הגט שלהם

מה שאנשים אומרים...

Rabbi R made it very clear that as a woman, I have no right to anything. He openly confessed to speaking to my ex many times when I wasn’t present. Child support and other basics were never enforced. Rabbi R would call me on my phone to harass me, using profanity at times. I’ve been warned to avoid that beis din at all costs but I figured that I don’t want to fight, I won’t ask for anything except for a get. What can go wrong? My ex asked to go there, so I signed arbitration there. Obviously this was a hellish nightmare that made me question my faith in rabbonim. The only thing they ended up doing right is that they gave me a heter to go to court because they weren’t interested in imposing any rulings on my ex.

I have been warned by my rabbi to avoid this beis din because they are known to be corrupt and anti women. I wish I listened to him. I knew I didn’t want to fight. All I wanted was to divorce in a civil manner for the sake of the children and myself. Apparently that was a big mistake

When we first met with the Beit Din rabbi, my (ex) husband started to say something about withholding the get, and the rabbi cut him short and said, very firmly, "We are not going there. We are all Yirei Shamayim and we are not going down that road." I was eternally grateful to him. My (ex) husband did not try that again.

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