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ועד הרבנים קליפורניה


Los Angeles






טווח מחירים:

0 - 60000

* informal beit din

דירוג ממוצע :

(as chosen by reviewers)



ממליץ על בית דין זה

הרגשתי לחוץ להחליף משהו בגט

אמרו לא להביא ייצוג

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Does this Beit Din:

have a website?

post a procedure guide?

list all costs?

have clear contact information?

have an evaluation form?

כמה זמן אנשים חיכו לקבל/לתת את הגט שלהם

מה שאנשים אומרים...

They cater to the man. They told me I was not allowed to have anyone with me for the process; luckily my friend who came is a lawyer and told them it was against the law and against Halacha for them to make her leave. They treated me awfully and made me feel bad about myself for no reason. They tried convincing me to give in to my ex’s demands instead of just facilitating the gett. Awful experience for no reason other than some men enjoying treating women badly. And it could have been a lot worse if I complied fully with them and had my friend leave or gave in to the ex’s demands.

They didn’t prepare me and it felt humiliating

Rabbi was cold and unemotional to me yet kind and considerate to my ex husband. Felt like he just wasn't understanding of how emotionally scary it is for a women to go through. He also called me a feminist during the gett session and other derogatory phrases that made me feel disrespected

The secretary was nice and quick to answer emails

I realize they take of their own and are biased. They do not look to do what's right and/ or make peace. Its more about $ then following halacha.

There needs to be a bet din in los angeles that is yashar and looking to make shalom between individuals and state who is right ad wrong based on torah perspectives, not on favoritism or financial gain.

Rules based on personal interests

The man I was married to attempted to engage ‘sketchy’ Beit Dins to issue the Get. The marriage was dirty, he was adulterous for at least ten years. I wanted a clean, kosher Get from a reputable Beit Din. ORA provided support and the legal knowledge background I needed to move forward despite the threat of a seruv and late night salacious bullying phone calls from those questionable rabbis. The Civil Court order a cease and desist order regarding the questionable Beit Din.
Finally, the Civil Court divorce judgment stipulated that the Get would be issued from my choice of a kosher Beit Din. No more sketchy unquestionable Get business.
Rabbi Davidi handed me my copy of the Get and in return I gave him
NO VISIBLE BRUISES What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us, by Rachel Louise Synder which should be required reading for all Rabbis sitting on a Beit Din as well as all Mikva attendants.

Rabbi Union answered my questions and communicated promptly

I wasn't taken seriously until I had my Rabbi (at the time was Weil) make calls on my behalf

It wasn't until my well known Rabbi called on my behalf was I given the time of day! I was so disappointed that in 2005, a Woman couldn't represent herself.

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