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Batei Din, Work with Us -
Improve Your Rating!

How to Improve your Rating

A beit din can improve performance in the areas rated. This includes minimizing response time, respectful treatment of clients, consistent and published pricing, and not allowing financial extortion or Get abuse (such extorting a spouse by demanding money or the relinquishing of rights) in the beit din.

Anecdotal research has shown that having female support staff present during court proceedings has been helpful and positive to the process. We encourage all batei din to have a female support person during the proceedings.

Local nonprofit organizations may be able to assist in providing support volunteers to attend hearings and get ceremonies

Participate in Training

Participation in training in areas around domestic abuse (financial, sexual, physical, emotional), addiction, and coercive control can improve the judges understanding of the couple and issues before them.  We will help arrange training through our partner organizations.

Participating in this training will give a beit din an automatic rating boost and badge. Upon completion of training a badge will be featured on the Beit Din’s page.


Additional training will result in an even higher rating and more badges which will in turn boost trust and traffic in the beit din. 

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