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Best Practices

We recommend the following as best practices to follow. Please feel free to be in touch with us for a better understanding or more thorough explanation of any of the items below.

We are here to assist you.

Before the Get:

  • Beit din has a clear and thorough website making it easy to understand the process of applying for and giving/receiving a Get. This includes: 

    • contact information for the offices.

    • a link to the Get application clearly placed on the website and attached in preliminary emails about beginning the Get process

    • information on pricing for a Get and a Din Torah

    • timeline of divorce process including steps going forward and approximate estimation of how long the process takes

    • Beit Din’s policy on Get abuse including whether or not one can push off a Get until civil and/or family proceedings conclude  

    • Listing of  the Dayanim who will be involved in the case

  • Beit Din responds to clients within 48 hours of receiving contact

  • Beit Din communicates using respectful and professional language

  • Beit Din engages with advocate organizations 

  • Beit Din informs clients of updates or changes in the case (including things like a change in which Dayan is handling the case)

  • Beit Din does not allow or tolerate either party using financial incentives or disincentives in relation to the Get

  • Beit Din does not allow or tolerate either party connecting custody to the Get  

The Giving of the Get:

  • The Beit Din should reach out to both parties explaining the steps of the giving of the Get, either over the phone or laid out clearly in an email

  • The Beit Din must ask the woman which last name she would like to be addressed by

  • In a case of domestic abuse, the Beit Din takes the proper steps to ensure that both parties feel safe and comfortable in the room together or if they are legally allowed to be in the room together. If not, a shaliach should be arranged

  • Payment should not be requested immediately before the ceremony or immediately after. Payment details (credit card number or information on who is paying for the Get) should be discussed on any day before the Get is given or a few days after the Get has been given. 

  • Both parties must be explicitly told that they are entitled to bringing support with them for the ceremony

  • There should never be fewer than two women in the room when a Get is given

  • Tissues and water should be placed near both parties during the ceremony. No one should have to ask for a tissue as they cry. 

  • The Beit Din should only use sensitive language during the ceremony and make jokes with caution at appropriate times. For instance, forums should avoid jokes, references to remarriage, or other potentially offensive comments. 

  • Get certificates should be mailed within two weeks of the ceremony

  • Beit Din should follow up by phone or email to check in 3 or 6 months after the ceremony, especially in difficult cases 

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