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Beit Din of America (RCA)


New York




212 807 9042


Price Range:

0 - 2000

Average Overall Rating:

(as chosen by reviewers)



Would recommend this Beit Din

Felt pressured by the BD to exchange something for Get

Were told not to bring representation by this Beit Din

Felt treated with respect by this Beit Din














Does this Beit Din:

have a website?

post a procedure guide?

list all costs?

have clear contact information?

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How long people waited to receive/give their Get

What people say ...

Smooth, respectful

They worked with me to give the Get despite the ex refusing to appear or participate initially.

I was disappointed that the amount in the ketubah has no meaning. I was told that I would be waiving my ketubah.

They were very clear about exactly what was going to happen at every step in the process. We did the logistics through secular mediation, so they BD only adjudicated the get.

They were objective, pleasant, sensitive, helpful.

They were courteous, respectful and efficient

Even after the get, the rabbi told me i would receive the certificate immediately since that is what my ex wanted. Then, he claimed he was coerced and the bet din said they had to conduct an “internal review” to determine the get validity. I had to send my court transcripts and wait one more year from the date my get was given for them to release the certificate.

I had a halachic post-nup and it still took 20 months to get my ex to the table. I had to sign a waiver relinquishing right to the postnup money.

I really though because I was the halachic Jew and didn't bribe anyone, only told the truth, was a respected member of society, I would be respected and listened to. Not at all true.

Where do I start? Immediately rabbi started out by saying there will be no recording of record of any kind. no court reporter, no tape or video recording. no witnesses were even asked to tell the truth. When I inquired about this I was told "people know they have to tell the truth when they come here.". When asked about the no recording, I was told I ask too many questions and maybe I was the problem. I could go on and on...

unprofessional, very unresponsive, didn't help, didn't send hazmanos, no beis din meeting

Was told to make appointment for later date so we can “think” on this decision, no help when ex threatened and refused to come in the day of appointment and beit din even told me that maybe its a sign I should push the date further back.

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