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Who We Are

Rate My Beit Din is a revolutionary user based review site for the divorce department of batei din (Jewish Religious Courts) around the world.

Think of us as “Yelp” for batei din. Our goal is simple: to increase transparency in the Jewish Divorce process. Our site includes features such as general information about each court, cost for the divorce process in that court, average response time, and whether or not people have had good experiences with a particular beit din. The site also aims to hold batei din accountable for this process by making these reviews public. 


Ratings are based on hard data compiled from the ‘Beit Din Experience Survey”, as well as professional evaluations of the beit din. Each page and beit din are rated according to the same questions and criteria. 


Rate My Beit Din is here to support various stakeholders in the beit din system. Batei din may improve their ratings through faster response time, internal reporting, and training in areas such as domestic abuse and trauma-informed care. We encourage batei din to reach out to us to begin this process and share the goal of a less contentious and smoother divroce process.


Rate My Beit Din is a project of Chochmat Nashim in collaboration with organizations and individuals around the world seeking to end Get abuse, Get refusal and to return integrity to Jewish marriage and divorce.

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