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Manchester Beit Din




United Kingdom


0161 740 9711


Échelle des prix:

Pas de frais

* informal beit din

Note moyenne:

(as chosen by reviewers)



Je recommanderais ce Beit Din

Je me suis senti obligé échanger quelque chose contre Get

Ont dit de ne pas apporter de représentation

Feutre traité avec respect














Est-ce ce que ce Beit-Din:

a un site Web?

a publié un guide de procédure?

est transparent sur ses coûts?

indique de manière claire comment les contacter?

propose des formulaires d’évaluation?

Combien de temps les gens ont attendu pour recevoir/donner leur Get

Ce que les gens disent...

If you are honest and reasonable you can put your trust and faith in the hands of the Manchester Beth Din? They will not disappoint you.

Rabbi Sofer and other Rabbonim and Dayanim, couldn’t have been more kind, helpful and supportive.

The Dayan was very understanding at beginning

No sensitivity to my survival of domestic abuse. Complete failure to safeguard me and to support my recovery. No interest in my mental health. Repeated pressure to move civil proceedings into the Beis Din. Weeks and months of no communication.

Go with someone to the Beis Din never go alone they will just bully you and call you names.

Disorganised. We saw the wrong rabbi for our first meeting by mistake amd nearly had to repeat the meeting.

They are not helpful in getting me a Get, i have been seperated for 2 years and they just do nothing, even though my ex applied for a civil divorce almost 2 years ago. That to me, should ensure the Beth Din can make him give me a Get as he clearly wants to divorce me. It's simply a control thing and the Beth Din ensure that it happens.

I had an unpleasant experience with a man who answered the phone when I called to speak to Dayan Steiner. He misunderstood me and he was very aggressive and gruff in the way he communicated, when he was the one who had made a mistake, not me

No women in the process at all. Demeaning. Rude dayanim. One of the eidim was eating his sandwiches during the get.

It was straightforward. Nothing to complain about

That there should be female representatives at the Beis Din for support for the women. That there should be a service in the Beis Din that keeps in regular contact for updates so cases aren’t left behind and untouched.

The rabbis were gentle and respectful

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