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כדתיא לונדון




United Kingdom


44208-802-6226 140


טווח מחירים:


* informal beit din

דירוג ממוצע :

(as chosen by reviewers)



ממליץ על בית דין זה

הרגשתי לחוץ להחליף משהו בגט

אמרו לא להביא ייצוג

הרגיש שמתייחסים אליו בכבוד














Does this Beit Din:

have a website?

post a procedure guide?

list all costs?

have clear contact information?

have an evaluation form?

כמה זמן אנשים חיכו לקבל/לתת את הגט שלהם

מה שאנשים אומרים...

I was prompted what to tell the rabbi after going to 5 different rabbis, last rabbi agreed to give me get

You feel alienated.

The female role is completely negative like a spare part

I found the Dayanim to be compassionate and understanding

Did not feel they understood enough about abuse. Big lapse of time from when I opened the case, there was no follow up, I needed to chase them. Sometimes I received messages from the Dayan through a 3rd party which was unprofessional and hurtful.

After waiting 9.5 Hellish years the first thing he said was “ah, today is very exciting, but first for the most important thing…. You have an envelope of money for me….” I replied “that’s the most important thing?? My get is the most important thing…..”

My divorce was very black and white - no children no property to divide etc so very easy -Only sad part is that of which the woman has in the ceremony - invisable!

I never feel listened to. My husbands always seems to get whatever he wants. He’s never had to face consequences of his actions

Lots of confusion about processes and being spoken over.

Kindness shown

I would have wanted to know my halachic rights

The Beis Din are human beings with faults too. If something don’t smell right, it’s because it ain’t right! Follow your gut and listen to what your heart tells you- it will never lie to you!,Don’t give up! You deserve to be freed!

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