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Boston Beit Din








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550 -

* informal beit din

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Felt pressured by the BD to exchange something for Get

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How long people waited to receive/give their Get

What people say ...

I didn't have to go at the same time as my husband. And one person handed me tissues because I was crying, that was a real act of kindness

The date and time was changed 3 times so I had to get emotionally ready each time anew and in the end had to go alone because of the last minute change

I was very clear that I was a student and could not afford the payment. They originally said it was fine but when I arrived at the Beit din they told me it was going to be 500$ before we could
Move forward

It was not really explained to me what to expect before the "ceremony". I was the only woman in the room and was emotional. The men were kind but detached although I did have a lovely conversation with Rabbi P afterwards. FYI - the ex did not attend in person which was good but I did not know this was an option.

Mainly the logistics- it took a long time to get an appointment! I mainly worked through my shul Rabbi. Also, I didn't expect them to keep the get, and getting a copy/proof to show I'm divorced took forever and many follow-ups.
Also, I felt like I had to argue with the Rabbi about the pronunciation of my name. I told him 3x, he kept questioning and telling me it wasn't standard, I finally called my mom to confirm. (Father has been dead 15yrs, so the question about how does your dad say it wasn't helpful)

The Beit din rabbis were very positive and reminded me this was the beginning of the rest of my life, not just the end of something negative. It was a moment of freedom.

I was the only woman in the room

The rabbis did not make me appear at the same time as my ex husband, they were kind and explained the process and answered any questions I had during the get process

The rabbis were understanding of my safety, and my ex and I did not appear together. The Beit Din explained everything carefully and after the ceremony was done, they spoke to me about looking forward to the rest of my life. Everyone treated me with respect:

Although a friend and/or my Rabbi offered to attend with me, I just wanted to get through it on my own. However, I would have welcomed an impartial woman to go with me as a companion; it is a traumatic event even when there are no complications.

They had a female present to support me

The Rabbis were very respectful, explained what was going to happen, and it went well. I didn't feel I had to justify myself too much in the questions.
Also, they got my names by phone the night before so I didn't have to arrive until the get was expected to be written, reducing my time sitting there with my ex and all the Rabbis, which was great. (May have been a covid accommodation)
Also, my Rabbi had highly recommended I bring a (female) friend, which I did, which made things much easier.

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